VibroWatch Vibrating Multi Function Alarm Watch

Malem Vibro-Watch© is a digital multi-function watch with 12 independent Specific-Time Silent Vibrating Alarms and a Periodic Auto -Repeat Vibrating Alarm (ranging from 1min to 23:59hour) as well as in real time (12/24, am/pm), minute, second, month, date, day of week, hourly vibrating chime(selectable) and a stop watch. Any of the set vibrating alarms can be easily selected or de-selected without changing the set time. Selected Specific-Time alarms or Periodic Auto-Repeat vibrating alarms can be easily activated or de-activated (On or Off).

  • Silent daily reminders
  • 12 Independent Specific-Time Vibrating Alarms
  • Period Auto-Repeat Vibrating Alarm
  • Built in memory so that the selected settings do not have to be re-entered after battery change

Can be used for:

  • Timed Voiding
  • Bladder Emptying Vibrator Reminder
  • Medication Vibrating Reminder
  • Behavioural Modification Programs
  • Download PDF File

  • Download PDF File

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