Ultimate Bed-Side Alarm (M06)

The most comprehensive Enuresis Alarm in the world

The Malem "Ultimate" range of Enuresis Alarms has now been extended with the addition of the Ultimate Bed-Side - the most comprehensive and adaptable Enuresis Alarm available.

Ergonomically designed smart and colourful (13.3 x 13.0 x 2.5 cm), with a reliable, rust-proof, embossed and comfortable plastic Bed-Mat.

    The Ultimate Bed-Side has all of the following features:
  • Record your own sounds, music or personal message
  • A choice of any one of eight loud single sounds, or
  • Random eight sounds to prevent "Auditory Accommodation"
  • Volume control with minimum preset
  • Sound on/off choice when used with optional accessories
  • Optional vibrating unit with 2 metre wire
  • Optional extension sound unit with 15 metre wire
  • Reliable, embossed and comfortable plastic Bed-Mat (54 x 42cm) with integral 2.2 metre wire

Price includes bed-mat.

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